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Backend Coding Samples  

Search Engine   April 2014
Description: This program constructs an inverted index and ranks documents in a collection using the B25 algorithm (B25 method) or Query-likelihood coupled with Dirichlet smoothing (QL method)... Read More

Web Crawler   February 2014
Description: A simple web crawler that generate a file of the first 100 unique links it finds, restricting the links to web pages and pdfs that are on cs.umass.edu and respecting robots.txt... Read More

Distributed Asynchronous Distance Vector Routing   December 2013
Description: A distance vector routing algorithm (Dijkstra's Algorithm) for a network for four nodes... Read More

Persistent File System   December 2013
Description: A simple UNIX-like persistent file system using index nodes... Read More

MapReduce using Threads and Semaphores   November 2013
Description: A multi-threaded producer-consumer program. The producers, or MapThreads, reads from a file and hashes each word read to be sent to a ReduceThread. The ReduceThreads consumes the passed word from its bounded buffer and constructs the inverted index... Read More

Simple C/C++ and Java Shell   October 2013
Description: An interactive shell program such as bash takes command line input from the user and then execute the command/program specified by the user... Read More